LCI: a business family with the “extra mile” in their blood (part II)


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Theories of organizational development say that the good environment in a company can be measured based on the amount of years their employees/collaborators invest in them. Conchita Pérez, Logistics Manager and Cynthia Carneiro, Purchasing Coordinator of LCI are proof of that. With 14 and 10 years respectively in the company, they are a fundamental part of a team that, in their own words, works like a family.

La Cuisine International“The bosses want us to feel part of a big family. They always want us to be part of the whole, be friends, work as a team with a broad vision, and get involved in all processes,” says Conchita Pérez.

Cynthia Carneiro adds to Pérez words that due to that the profile of the LCI employee is very special. “Those who work here are dedicated people, who have the mindset to work as a family. That is the main characteristic of those who remain in the company. You must go the extra mile and have the concept of customer service in your veins. You must love the work and the products and, obviously, know and feel proud of them.

With 30 years of experience in logistics Conchita Pérez joined LCI almost at the beginning of the company. She oversees the containers received from Europe, but her job doesn’t end there. She handles customers directly, gathers their opinion in terms of what they expect to get, manages complaints, and dissipates their concerns. “One of my biggest satisfactions is when the client remembers me, because I provided assistance to their case and offered a solution,” says proudly.
On the other hand, Cynthia Carneiro joined the company in 2008 processing regular orders and since then she has moved along all available positions. “The best part of my job is that I learn something new every day. I am proud to be able to assist customers, join them until the end of the process, and witness their satisfaction.”

A company that loves happy endings

These LCI insiders believe that the combination of the quality of the products they sell and the service they provide are the key for the company’s success. “We walk along with customers from the moment they fall in love with the products until later on when we make the installation in their home. That is why they always come back or become our best advertising,” assures Conchita Pérez.

To illustrate the above, Pérez mentions an occasion when a father recommended the services and products of LCI to his son. “He had seen our appliances at the store in Panama and 2 years later came to Miami to check out the prices. The only aspect that worried him was the service. So, we explained that when someone makes a purchase at LCI Miami and lives in Venezuela or Panama (or in any other location where we have representation) our allies provide them with the same service as if what they purchased came out of their store. The services are the same in any of our subsidiaries and that certainly makes customers feel happy and confident about their purchase,” adds LCI’s logistics manager.

La Cuisine InternationalFinally, Cynthia Carneiro emphasizes the relationship between LCI and the architects and interior designers. “We like happy endings, so we apply the same dedication and offer the same treatment and service to end customers, architects, and designers. Obviously, the relationship is different. We present multiple options and try to support their vision since they are experts. In fact, we always ask them to send us sizes and spaces to be able to provide them with precise counseling, because satisfying the customer’s expectations is not only important for us, but also part of our mission.”



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