Gaggenau BM484710: the best of 2 worlds in one oven  


Versatility and efficiency are crucial elements in today’s kitchens. That’s why the Gaggenau BM484710 convection and microwave oven combines the best of both worlds, merging the precision of traditional baking with the speed and convenience of the microwave. 

This synergy optimizes your kitchen space while elevating the cooking experience to new heights. Besides, this equipment allows users to enjoy a wide range of cooking techniques without the need for multiple appliances. 

Imagine the possibility of quickly thawing fresh ingredients and then cooking them to perfection in a single device. This oven/microwave offers you just that. 

Beyond appearances 

With a distinctive appearance that features full glass on the surface, this appliance is not only efficient but also has a visual appeal that enhances any kitchen. The combination of state-of-the-art technology and luxurious design makes this combi oven a valuable investment for both modern homes and professional kitchen spaces. 

From baking a delicate cake to roasting a juicy chicken or simply reheating last night’s leftovers, this versatile appliance ensures that every dish comes out perfectly. Since it can manage multiple modes of operation sequentially, this oven/microwave adapts to any culinary need, making cooking an easy and enjoyable task. 

Cutting-edge functionality 

The Gaggenau BM484710 has a simple design that facilitates its integration into any style of kitchen. In addition, the appliance can be easily operated thanks to the intuitive TFT touchscreen display. 

This is a handle-less door-opening oven, which opens to a full 180° angle with a single touch. In short, it is the perfect combination of functionality and sophisticated design. 

Sequential operation and advanced programming 

This Gaggenau combi oven allows sequential operation of up to five different modes, including programming of combined operations and standby times. Microwave modes offer power ratings of 90, 180, 360, 360, 600, and 1,000 W, while oven operation includes four heating methods: 

  • Convection from 100 °F to 480 °F 
  • Broil + convection 210 °F to 480 °F 
  • Broil + circulated air 210 °F to 480 °F 
  • Broil with 3 levels of intensity, maximum output 2,000 W 

This flexibility in programming and operation ensures that you can adapt the cooking process to the specific needs of each recipe, obtaining precise, high-quality results every time. 

Automatic and customizable programs 

The BM484710 also features 15 automatic programs that include weight indication and are fully customizable. These programs are divided into: 

  • 4 defrosting programs 
  • 4 cooking programs 
  • 7 combination programs 

These automatic programs facilitate the preparation of a wide variety of dishes and also guarantee consistent and delicious results, regardless of the complexity of the recipe. 

With its sleek design, advanced features, and unparalleled versatility, this appliance is an essential addition to any modern kitchen. We are confident that it will transform the way you cook, so every meal is an exceptional experience. 


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