Elegance and efficiency in every drop with Franke’s Smart DOCCIA  


In stylish kitchens, where form meets function, a faucet like Franke’s Smart DOCCIA stands out as a design gem that redefines the experience of a space like a sink, which is frequently overlooked.  

This appliance manufactured by Franke is a chrome-plated single-lever faucet that will add a touch of elegance to your kitchen while incorporating innovative features that will make every task a pleasure. 

Now, we invite you to discover why this faucet has become a top choice for interior designers and architects looking to transform the kitchen into a space of comfort and sophistication. 

Smart design and optimal functionality 

With its chrome finish and top lever, Franke’s Smart DOCCIA is not only a style statement in your kitchen but also a commitment to exceptional functionality. Equipped with a swivel spout that rotates 110 degrees, this faucet allows effortless and full access to the sink. 

The dual spray hand shower and hose made of stainless steel add versatility so the daily task of washing dishes or cleaning food becomes an efficient and convenient experience. 

An essential tool for your daily life 

Franke’s Smart DOCCIA efficiency is based on its ability to simplify everyday tasks in the kitchen. From washing dishes to cleaning the sink, this faucet will become an essential tool that meets the practical needs of everyday life. 

The top lever allows precise control of water flow, while the swivel spout facilitates rinsing and cleaning. 

Measuring the quality of washing 

Recognized for its commitment to sustainability, the brand Franke has integrated wash quality measurements into the design of the Smart DOCCIA. Containing CO2 emissions, reducing water consumption, and waste disposal are key elements that demonstrate an environmentally conscious approach. 

By choosing Franke’s Smart DOCCIA, you will invest in an exceptional kitchen tool and contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Franke’s Smart DOCCIA is much more than a faucet, it is sustainability in your home. Every drop that flows through it is an expression of elegance and efficiency. Elevate your kitchen experience with this design masterpiece that combines the best of art and utility in every detail. 


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