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Every day, there is a greater variety of salespeople for any type of item. If a user wishes to acquire a new coffee machine, they can go to a store, call a telemarketing show, or buy it on the internet. However, none of these methods in itself guarantee a business relationship that transcends the mere fact of the purchase.

A customer is that individual that uses the products or services that a company offers at a specific moment. A fan is someone who feels identified, compromised, and loyal to a company or character due to the experience that has been provided under a specific circumstance. That is precisely the key for a permanent business relationship.

In the case of appliances, aside from looking for the fastest kitchen or the best refrigerator to preserve the food, customers also look for someone to trust, someone they can turn to when any of these items malfunction, requires an update, or simply needs to be replaced.

For that reason, the key to turn an eventual customer into a fan that won’t doubt for a moment to consult its supplier whenever necessary is the after-sales service.


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The response can make you famous

According to a study from Vision Critical, 80% of those interviewed aren’t willing to make purchases at businesses whose reviews are negative. On the contrary, a satisfied customer generally becomes a frequent customer and brings along at least two new customers thanks to their recommendations. That is the importance of word of mouth recommendations, the cheapest, most powerful, and lethal advertising strategy there is.

At La Cuisine International, the answer to the customer has been a fundamental pillar for our growth. During the year 2014, we experienced a 100% increase in our numbers. That is due mainly to the after-sales management of our customers, which adds up to close to 5,000 cases annually that have been satisfactorily managed.

The more sophisticated the appliance, the more important and necessary is the after-sales management. Statistically speaking, it has been proven that state-of-the-art items require at least one annual repair, so having a technical and well-prepared team available makes all the difference, turning an occasional buyer into a faithful member of our family and a fan of our service.

At LCI, we have the certainty that the combination of quality products and the service are the key to the success of our company. It happens, in the words of our Logistics Manager Conchita Pérez, that we walk along with the customer from the moment they fall in love with the products to the end of the road, when we make the installation at their home. “That is the reason why they always come back or become our best promoters, our best advertisers,” she states.

Part of our philosophy of after-sales service is satisfying the expectations of the customer since a satisfied customer is a potential preacher as well as a fan who is in love not only with the product but also with the business structure behind it.


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