6 Tips to make sure your refrigerator consumes less energy


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Making sure our household appliances consume less energy is no longer a simple question of saving energy, but a responsibility we have to the planet. Current trends point not only to class A appliances (and their different versions) but also to adopting actions at home that reduce the carbon footprint.


According to the media, last year, the analytics and auditing company Deloitte reported that household appliances account for more than 60% of electricity consumption in the residential sector. It also added that although each appliance has a different impact on the electricity bill, the refrigerator is the appliance that consumes the most (30.6%). According to the firm, switching from a refrigerator with class G energy certification to a class A model means a reduction of more than 50% of the electricity bill.


So, what’s eco-friendly is here to stay. This is evident in the increasing interest of different companies specializing in the distribution and design of household appliances to create appliances that consume less electricity and water, or emit less harmful substances to the environment among their manufacturing guidelines. At the same time, the users of these appliances are beginning to take similar measures to have more sustainable or low-polluting homes.


But besides buying a class A refrigerator, what else can you do to reduce the energy consumption of this appliance? Here are some ideas (read 5 ideas that will make your kitchen sustainable in 2022).



Tips for an eco-friendly refrigerator


Having an A, +A or +++A appliance not only guarantees high energy efficiency but also less environmental impact in every way.  However, there are some tips you can implement that are quite effective to turn your refrigerator into an eco-friendly appliance, and won’t cost you a dime. Take note:



  1. Install the refrigerator properly. Look for a cold, dry, and well-ventilated place. It’s essential to avoid exposing the appliance to direct sunlight and keep it far from heat sources (oven, stove, etc.).


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  1. Make sure the equipment is ventilated. This means that you must be careful to avoid blocking the ventilation holes or grilles of the appliance leaving enough space behind it. Additionally, if your refrigerator is built-in or you want to install it that way, remember to leave a space of at least 3 centimeters on each side. This will ventilate the refrigerator.


  1. Don’t introduce hot items in the refrigerator. Hot food must be cooled before being placed inside the appliance. The reason is simple: the heat will cause the appliance to work twice as hard to balance the temperature.


  1. Keep the refrigerator closed. It may seem hard to believe, but constantly opening and closing the refrigerator generates energy consumption. It is also important to make sure the door of the appliance closes perfectly.


  1. Constant maintenance. Cleaning the refrigerator is not limited to the inside and top of it. The back of the equipment must be maintained regularly. And remember: dust increases energy consumption.


  1. Keep it at the right temperature. Each brand has its specifications and recommendations in this regard. However, the important thing is to avoid setting your refrigerator at a lower temperature than necessary.


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