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The evolution in terms of decoration and organization is constant. What used to be a space only intended for cooking and eating is now a place much more integrated into our daily lives and our home in general.

This change has a lot to do with the introduction of the open concept. This concept has not only turned the kitchen into a place to spend time with family and guests, but also into a space you can brag about due to reasons that go beyond what you have in it (see the 10 commandments of a top-level kitchen).

In fact, it’s interesting that although the television left the kitchen at some point, it has begun to return to this area of the home along with the computer. Why? Because the kitchen has become the multifunctional room of our houses or the operations center.

Therefore, both its organization and its decoration are evolving more, adopting new materials, colors, and furniture. Below, we’ll introduce the 5 main trends in this regard.


The 5 trends of constant evolution

 Trend #1. Incorporation of materials. Classics like wood and stainless-steel now have competition. Marble and polished concrete have entered the kitchen scene with great success, where the first provides strength and beauty, and the second a goodand versatility. However, we see more frequently now how architects and designers are betting on innovations that use these materials, and as a result the rigorous reign of wooden furniture and stainless-steel appliances has become part of history.

In this regard, the evolution is showing us steel countertops, wood or cement floors and marble backsplashes. However, it’s worth mentioning that we are only talking about 4 of the most frequently used materials, because the truth is that the materials being used change every day in the kitchen and in the rest of the home (see discover the 5 materials of the homes of the future).

Trend #2. Connection to the outside. Especially after the confinement due to this pandemic, architects have begun to appreciate more the connection with the outside and nature. The kitchen has not escaped this trend, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that this space -that’s already multifunctional- is integrated not only into the dining room, but even into terraces and gardens or that’s connected to the outside through large windows.

Obviously, this isn’t possible in all kitchens. However, kitchens with little space have found a way to add more vitality by including into their decoration plants that provide not only the presence of green, but also their scent (see also a perfect kitchen? it’s possible in 10 steps).

Trend #3. Colorful appliances. While stainless-steel remains as the preferred material in large and small appliances, colors in this area continue to gain support. This is why we are seeing nowadays refrigerators in bright colors, soft textures or bold designs, being able to enjoy a magical touch of color in sinks and even faucets in kitchens of different styles (see  how to apply color psychology in the kitchen).  It’s just a matter of daring to do it.

Trend #4. Open shelves. Open shelves are a chic trend. They offer the possibility to add a little of our personality to this area of the house. Also, alternating them with cabinets, gives an even more sophisticated or bohemian look depending on what you want for your kitchen.

Currently, and as an interesting alternative to this trend, there are clear shelves. Usually made of glass, these offer the possibility to take control of the lighting to highlight what is on them.

Trend #5. Built-in appliances. Brands are already aware of their importance and as a result they have focused on offering a variety of sizes and even designing models that don’t generate as much heat and damage to the furniture. That way, an appliance doesn’t become an object difficult to integrate into the harmony that you want to create in the kitchen, but into a device that brings charm, personality, functionality, or color to the design of the kitchen.

As you can see, today’s kitchen has become a demanding space, and we aren’t only talking about its hygiene and organization, but also about the materials and equipment located in it that allow us to fully enjoy this space of the home.


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