5 Tips to extend the life of your Liebherr refrigerator


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The products manufactured by Liebherr have the seal of quality and durability typical of the German brand characterized by perfect finishes. However, applying these simple tips can help extend further the useful life of your refrigerator and keep it in perfect condition.

Liebherr refrigerators feature the BioFresh system to guarantee greater freshness of the food you store. Such is the case of the MRB 3600 that integrates grids, drawers, and a storage system in the doors of its monolithic structure, all under a breathtaking presentation of doors with stainless-steel handles. So, to keep your refrigerator as new longer, consider the following recommendations.

Long life for your refrigerator

    1. Softness is the key

Periodically clean the inside of your MRB 3600 refrigerator with a soft cloth and non-abrasive soaps. Prefer unscented products to avoid affecting the food. The frequency of cleaning will depend on the use of your refrigerator, but a good rule to follow could be doing so every time you refrigerate new fruits or vegetables. Pay special attention to the telescopic rails of the drawers and edges of the trays.

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     2. Attention to filters

The MRB 3600 refrigerator has an electronic control panel where you can regulate the temperature and also know the status of the activated carbon filter for the ice cube dispenser. This filter guarantees the purity of the water used by the refrigerator and must be replaced when necessary. To do this, the control panel is programmed to issue an alert when you need to make the change.

    3.Watch the weight

The GlassLine system of the refrigerator door in the MRB 3600 is designed to accommodate containers with a capacity of up to La Cuisine Internationala gallon, thinking about bottles of juices or milk. However, it’s important to consider the weight of the elements that are placed on the door, which shouldn’t be larger or heavier than these measurements. Forcing door shelves or rails with elements larger than their ideal capacity, can lead to misalignments of the door or affect shelf durability.

    4. Leave no trace behind

The refrigerator door of the MRB 3600 has a stainless-steel coating that fits your kitchen décor with elegance and sophistication. To keep it flawless use non-abrasive products. A soft cloth and a well-diluted solution of warm water with vinegar can be enough to remove traces or fingerprints that can be unpleasant to the eye.

    5. Ready for the holidays

If you plan a vacation, the length of such vacation will determine what actions to take with your refrigerator. If you leave home for less than a week, you won’t need to empty your refrigerator. The MRB 3600 has the BioFresh system that guarantees the freshness of the food that’s still within its validity period.

If that holiday or vacation takes longer than a week, the recommendation is to leave the refrigerator empty and perform a deep cleaning. The BioFresh system has a vacation mode that can be programmed on the electronic panel that will regulate the internal temperature of the refrigerator to 15 degrees, thus reducing the electricity consumption without the need to disconnect the appliance.

As you’ll see this equipment is not only perfect for your home, but it’ll also be more than an appliance with the tips we have shared with you, becoming a family member that will accompany you for a long time.


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