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Having extra space in the kitchen is important. In these times when increasing the storage capacity in this area of the home is at the forefront, it’s time to apply certain practical tips to keep chaos away from it.

The step to optimize the kitchen space is to know its dimensions. Secondly, keep in mind that the space must remain versatile, thus the area should provide a feeling of spaciousness and order that’ll make you and your guests feel comfortable and pleased while you are there.

The third step in this necessary analysis to expand the space in your kitchen is to take stock of your preferences, objectives, and priorities for this area. This will help you in terms of the customization of the kitchen, and also allow you to organize everything better, so that each thing has a specific place.

The result of this analysis and the implementation of the opportunities identified will be a space that’s comfortable, functional and has plenty of storage capacity. That is, you’ll have the kitchen of your dreams.

Follow the path to the dream

 So, we prepared a list with 5 tips that will do magic in your kitchen. Take note:

  1. Start with the shelves. If you’ve thought about revamping your kitchen and you’re concerned about storage space, the first thing you need to do is think about the right shelves. In this sense, there are foolproof tricks that will help you have extra space using shelves:
  2. Adjustable shelves. This is a good way to take full advantage of the space. Height adjustable shelves allow you to customize their interiors, which will certainly save you from a headache.
  3. High cabinets. Choosing oversized top shelves –even better if they reach the ceiling– is a smart way to have more storage space.
  4. Corner furniture. These modules are a wonderful idea to take advantage of the entire kitchen space. They are excellent to store spices.
  5. Removable drawers. They are a practical option to organize larger items, such as pots, tupperwares, etc.

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  1. Take advantage of the walls. This is a resource that will also add style to your kitchen. How do you take advantage of the space on the walls?
  2. Placing shelves. They can be used to place decorative elements or even turn objects like dinnerware and glasses (as long as they are beautiful, of course) into ornamental elements. Shelves are light and barely subtract meters and the best thing is that they open space to any type of piece you want to put in them (books, paintings, planters, etc.)
  3. Installing bars for utensils. Just like shelves, bars are great because they offer a solution that combines decoration and functionality.
  4. Substitute the table for a bar table or island. Obviously, this doesn’t apply to all kitchens, but if possible, consider it because it’s a solution that allows to expand the space. An island or bar table with stools will give you a chic touch and a place to chat, share and eat.
  5. This is the secret of any functional kitchen that’s tidy and has extra space. The hangers placed both on the shelves and inside the cabinets are the answer to all our prayers. They’re great for coffee mugs.
  6. Drawer separators. There will be a before and after with drawer separators in your kitchen. They will allow the order to rule and, of course, the space to multiply.

In sum, gaining space in your kitchen is a matter of common sense and order, aside from some tricks, like the ones we just gave you. That being said, there’s nothing left but getting to work.


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