5 ideas to integrate the colors of 2021 (yellow and grey) to the decoration of your home


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Pantone gave its verdict to announce that the emblematic colors of 2021 are Ultimate Gray  and Illuminating (yellow) and as usual, the speculations began. Some argued if gray represents how tough the pandemic has been, and if yellow is the color of hope this year; so, everyone had something to say about the choice.


However, this American colored-oriented company clarified the issue stating that the selection of both colors seeks to help people “strengthen themselves with energy, clarity, and hope” in a year that will begin with a sense of expectations and uncertainty. Thus, the colors of 2021 are a combination that -according to Pantone- promises to evoke on the one hand the “optimistic promise of a sunny day” (yellow), while on the other “composure, firmness and resistance” (grey).

But what do these colors represent for the home? And more importantly, how can they be integrated into the kitchen? These are two questions that designers and architects asked themselves and answered, not without first exposing both shades to the analysis of chromotherapy, imagination and good taste.


Two shades, multiple ideas

Our home deserves some pampering after being our continent and refuge for most of 2020. The kitchen, above all, has earned honors and while you might not be able to renovate it, you could at least give a new air to it in 2021. How to achieve that? Here are 5 ideas:


Colored walls. An interesting way to incorporate the energy of the yellow or grey from 2021 into the kitchen, is through the walls. Whether is painting them or choosing a wallpaper that has become so trendy in recent years, both colors can give a new air to this space.


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Now, if you are leaning more towards yellow, it’s good to remember that this is a light and bright color that, while it can positively influence mental activity activating the brain, it can also saturate a room if you  go overboard. In this case, the advice of decorators is to combine it with another color like white to generate balance, harmony and above all, illuminate the kitchen.


Stylish appliances. Nowadays when appliances are as utilitarian as they are decorative, choosing them in colors has certainly the mission of adding a different flair to this space. SMEG and Bosch can give you a hand in this regard since both brands have  yellow and  grey models that can help you stay in line with the trend.


Countertops. These days countertops can be of all colors, textures, and materials. But if you want to combine a yellow-cabinet kitchen with a countertop in gray tones close to Pantone’s proposal, you can choose granite, marble, and even polished concrete. It’ll certainly add an impressive touch of glamour to your kitchen.


Furniture. Both yellow and grey can be integrated into the kitchen through the chairs. If you have an island, adding highchairs is a wonderful idea that’ll also make this space more comfortable and help guests feel happy to keep you company while cooking.


Decorative details. Lamps, paintings, carpets, and even backsplashes can be the best accomplices to change the face of your kitchen and adopt the Pantone colors of 2021. All it takes is imagination and boldness.


So, you can trust us when we say that the simple exercise of visualizing these two colors in your kitchen will lift your spirits, and who knows, it might even encourage you to reward this space of your home for all the patience it had in 2020.


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