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Tricks to keep our food in the refrigerator longer are always welcome, especially nowadays when the trendy verbs seem to be: reuse and recycle. The case is that along with this general call to become aware of our consumption (in terms of food, energy, water, etc.) has also come the need to learn how to be prepared to deal with contingencies and taking full advantage of our appliances should be the norm.

How can you do that? Simple. We generally don’t use our appliances to their full capacity, so we’re wasting the benefits they can provide to us. The best example of this is the refrigerator, an equipment that usually stores food without any standards.

For that reason, we came up with a list of 4 important tips that’ll help you take advantage of all the capacity of your refrigerator. So, pay attention.


Tip No. 1. Know your refrigerator as well as you know yourself.

Very few people read the user manuals that come with their appliances and this is a big mistake, especially when it comes to refrigerators. Knowing about the cold zones and the advantages that the appliance’s systems can offer to your food will help your purchases last longer in good condition.

For example, if you have at home a device such as the model  B36CT80SNS from the 800 series by Bosch you should remember that aside from including the all-new FarmFresh System™ which combines four technologies (VitaFreshPro™, FreshProtect™, AirFresh® Filter and MultiAirFlow™) designed to take food preservation to the next level and minimize food waste, the appliance comes with dual compressors and evaporators that offer accurate and efficient cooling and moisture control. These features not only limit the transfer of odors between the refrigerator and the freezer, but also help you have an environment with optimal freshness so that your vegetables, and food in general, are preserved longer.

But of course, you’ll only know this if you spend a few minutes reading the user the manual or if you go to the website of your refrigerator’s brand to find out about things as important as the fact that you can program the temperature of the drawers from your mobile.  


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Tip No. 2. Learn about temperatures.

Controlling the temperature of your refrigerator is essential. Why? Because if the temperature of the appliance changes drastically, it’ll probably break the cold or refrigeration chain, opening the door to microbes.


Important facts:

  • The temperature of the refrigerator shouldn’t exceed 4o
  • In the drawers for fruits and vegetables, the temperature shouldn’t be below 0o
  • Never put hot food in your refrigerator as this can increase the temperature of the food already stored around what you just introduced, possibly spoiling the food. Additionally, the appliance will need more power to balance the temperature, resulting in an increase in energy consumption. (You’ll find additional tips about this in our article how to use your appliances and save energy)


Tip No. 3. Place each type of food in the right area.

Marie Kondo’s organization motto can also be applied to the refrigerator (take a look at Marie Kondo’s top 10 secrets to organize the kitchen). She always says there’s a right place for everything. With this in mind, start organizing the groceries you purchase before putting them in the refrigerator and learn how to visualize this appliance based on zones.

  • Coolest zone (freezer). Here you store frozen meats and foods.
  • La Cuisine International
  • Here you store fruits and vegetables. To make them last as long as possible, aside from setting the drawers at a temperature above 0oC, remove these products from the bags or packages. The packaging adds moisture, which may spoil them faster. Important fact: Fruits can release a gas called ethylene that spoils vegetables, so store them in different drawers.
  • Middle zone. This should have a temperature between 4 and 5oC, which makes it perfect to store dairy products (cheeses, milk, yogurt, etc.).
  • Upper zone and door. These are the areas of the appliance with least cold, so you can place eggs or foods such as jams, drinks, and sauces there. Important fact: although the eggs are usually stored on the door, this is the area that experiences most temperature changes, so it’s not such a good idea to keep them there. Instead, use the upper zone of the refrigerator.



Another advice from Marie Kondo that must be applied to the refrigerator is the one regarding cleaning. This not only refers to cleaning up when something is spilled to avoid cross-contamination of food, but also checking the expiration dates, using what’s about to expire, and throwing away what’s spoiled.


Tip No. 4. Don’t overload the refrigerator.

If knowing how to organize the refrigerator is the key to preserving food at home, not overloading it is the secret of a refrigerator that works perfectly and lasts longer. If you think your refrigerator is small, consider buying a new unit or adding an undercounter refrigerator to complement your main appliance. This will give you more storage space.

However, if that’s not the case, remember that organization is the norm to take full advantage of your refrigerator. Finally, we would like to remind you that inside this appliance there are ventilation ducts that shouldn’t be obstructed. This will help the appliance fulfill its function efficiently, which is no other than preserving food longer.


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