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Choosing a good wine refrigerator or wine cabinet is no easy task, so you can certainly appreciate having certain tips that will guide you to make the correct purchase. The case is that these devices with sophisticated technology are really a treasure in the homes where this beverage is appreciated since they preserve all its organoleptic properties.

However, not all wine cabinets are for all households or all wine lovers. Fortunately, the market offers a wide variety of equipment that can be adapted to both the number of bottles and the space you have reserved for it.

What to know before you buy a wine cabinet

The use you will give to it. Before thinking about the size, aesthetics, and number of bottles you can store, you should think about how you will use the wine cabinet. That is, what do you want it for.  The point of the question is that while a wine cabinet is certainly used to keep wine bottles in optimal conditions, this equipment can also be used to age them.

Yes, what you just read. There are wine refrigerators that, thanks to the technology and materials used in their manufacture, are able to faithfully reproduce the conditions of underground cellars. These devices are known as aging wine cabinets.

But, if you simply wish to keep your wines safe, the ideal thing in this case is to acquire a multipurpose cabinet with different cold intervals (temperature zones) that allows both the preservation and the perfect cooling of your bottles.

Number of bottles. The number of bottles doesn’t always correspond to the amount of wine someone drinks. Many wine lovers are also collectors who consider that buying a bottle of a specific strain and harvest, is both a luxury and a pleasure.

Because of this, just as the previous tip we gave you, here applies asking yourself how much you want your wines to age, or even better, if you are interested in them aging at all. Another thing to consider is the type of wine you prefer because not all bottles are created equal, and while the 75cl standard is the most common, there are bottles that are a little larger and even thicker. This means that if your idea is to have a wine cabinet that stores close to 80 bottles, to include a diverse collection of wines, you should keep in mind that this would subtract at least 20% of the space.

Location. The size of the space that you have available as the location for the cabinet is important when it comes to choosing the correct wine cabinet. It is not the same to have room for this appliance in the living room, where it will be exposed to direct sunlight that having it in the kitchen, right next to the refrigerator.

Upon considering the location, the model of wine cabinet you choose will depend on whether it has a compact or glazed door; whether it can be installed recessed or on the contrary as an individual appliance. Also, all of the above depends as well on details such as finishes, colors, etc.


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Maintenance needs. Nothing is eternal, and although wine cabinets are appliances that require virtually no maintenance, there are models that need more attention than others. As a general rule, the  carbon filter on this type of device should be changed annually.

A damaged filter will not only cause odors, but can also create engine performance problems, temperatures above the correct ones, or moisture deviations. Currently, there are wine cabinets with systems that detect the bad state of the carbon filter and warn you when it needs to be changed. It is important that you read about it or ask the manufacturer of the appliance about the maintenance and cleaning needs of the equipment, and if they offer repair services in case you have of any problems with the appliance.

Ready to choose? Then choose the best option

Choosing a Liebherr cooling appliance is having a quality-certified appliance at home. This German company is the undisputed leader in this area, which is why leaning towards a wine cabinet, such as the HW 8000, is having the best of the market in terms of wine preservation in your home.

The HW8000 is a multi-temperature equipment that can be fully integrated. This appliance has a sophisticated design that will make it the perfect complement to any kitchen, cabinet, or lounge area. With 2 adjustable temperature zones (between +5°C to +20°C) this model guarantees optimal storage conditions for both red and white wines as well as champagnes.

Wine collection lovers will be interested to know that the HW 8000 provides storage flexibility for up to 80 standard bottles (75 cl.) thanks to its which wood shelf, aside from ten storage shelves at different heights, ideal to store together bottles of different types and sizes. One important thing to note is that this elegant Liebherr wine cabinet requires a niche of 178 cm high to accommodate the appliance that is 177 cm high, 55.7 cm wide and 55.3 cm deep.

This appliance that has the full technological guarantee of the brand comes with an activated carbon filter that provides excellent air quality and eliminates air contamination inside. The glass door with UV protection and LED lighting, works together with the activated carbon filter to protect your wines from any external influence. Requiring low maintenance, the appliance also incorporates a reliable alarm system to warn you both when the door has been left open, and if there is a problem with the temperature.

In sum, this is the best wine cabinet you can choose to carefully preserve at home those wines that you appreciate so much.



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