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Everyone dreams of having a kitchen worthy of a chef. And you immediately think about the ovens, blenders, stoves or ranges, refrigerators, and even pots. But we bet you’ve never considered the idea that, in addition to what we already mentioned, space is fundamental for a chef.


Today, everyone wants an open-concept kitchen as it has become the perfect scene to show off everything learned in Master Chef. But aside from the style and decoration, the space reserved for a true chef must comply with basic principles of functionality that allow him or her to work at ease.


It’s worth mentioning that when we talk about working at ease we don’t mean large areas. We refer to the correct distribution of items, appliances, and so-called service areas: the stove/range, the sink, and the refrigerator.


The distribution of a kitchen depends, first of all, on its shape and size. But these details don’t have to stop you from having the ideal kitchen worthy of a chef.


And of course, not everyone can have at home one of those kitchens we see in magazines with large windows, a view of the sea, and a central island. However, by following the right guidelines, the space you have (wide, narrow, large, or small) can become the perfect operation center that every chef would like to have.


Are you ready to give your kitchen a makeover? Yes? Well, take note of the 4 basic tips to make this dream come true.



#1. The operational triangle

When we talk about this we refer to the triangle formed by: the sink, the stove/range, and the refrigerator. This is the most active area and as such, requires careful planning and free access. But if you knew nothing about this and your kitchen is already installed, you should try to make it as functional as possible.


As we just said, all this still applies regardless of the size or shape of your kitchen (in L, U, with a central or open island). The important thing here is to have a functional operational triangle. That is, neither too small (to avoid tripping), nor too big. So, you’ve already taken the first step if you understand this idea and can implement it at home.

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#2. Spacious countertops

When you can’t have a fabulous central island in the kitchen, the countertops can work miracles. A good countertop to work on that’s also easy to clean is Nirvana for any chef.


Now, if you are in the construction phase of your kitchen, choose stainless steel or cement countertops. These are not only easy to clean, but also very fashionable. (see also 5 Details to include if you want a trendy kitchen).



#3. Organization

The organization of the kitchen area is vital for a chef to work at ease, and that’s why everything must have a practical and logical sense in this area of the home.


For example, the detergents should go near the sink, under the same, or next to the dishwasher. Pots and pans should be above or under the stove/range and plates, glasses, and cutlery as close to the serving area as possible. This way, you won’t have to walk around in circles looking for things.


Spices and non-perishable food should also be close to the cooking area, but not right next to it. The heat (especially from the oven) can damage them,  so a safe distance from such appliances is recommended, especially if your oven is built-in.


As for the aesthetic aspect of “organization,” we remind you that open shelves are a trend, but of course, this is only an option suitable for highly organized people. (see also  5 Trends that demonstrate the constant evolution of the kitchen).



#4. High-end appliances

Can you imagine the demanding chef Ramsey baking or cooking in any appliance? No, right? Why? Well, because although working in the kitchen implies a lot of technique, perfect portions, and quality food, it also requires the right utensils and appliances.


The ideal operation center for a chef would be a kitchen with a convection or steam oven  (or both), a gas range with enough space and burners of different power, a spacious refrigerator, a  powerful extractor hood, and a quiet dishwasher to assign the tedious task of washing the dishes.


So privilege quality over quantity in this regard. And don’t worry about the aesthetics because today’s appliances are made to stand out and are also connected to technology, helping you cook better dishes while making your experience in the kitchen easier and more pleasant.


These simple 4 tips are the answer to have a kitchen designed for a chef. Incorporate them and you’ll see that you’ve nothing to envy to those famous names that you admire so much.


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