4 foolproof tips to keep your washer in top shape


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Think about it, if there’s one appliance you definitely can’t live without, it’s the washer. This wonderful appliance not only offers you invaluable support at home but also allows you to save money on professional laundry services.


But like everything else, the washer can’t take care of itself. That’s why taking the time to return the favor is necessary. The regular maintenance of this appliance can save you from all kinds of problems ranging from breakdowns that could put it out of service, to leaks and costly water damage to walls and floors.


So, we prepared a list of 4 simple tips that’ll help you keep your washer in top shape and your wallet safe. Pay attention.



4 great tips to care for your washer


1# Change the hoses. Checking the hoses regularly should be the first step in your washer maintenance routine. Why? Because they are the ones that prevent leaks or seepage that can cause damage not only to walls and furniture but even to the appliance itself.


Once a week, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on them to detect if they are bulging, cracked, or leaking. If you find any of the problems described above, replace them immediately. The brands that manufacture these types of appliances advise doing so once every three to five years, even if they aren’t damaged, as a way of performing preventive maintenance.


2# Move, level, clean. Believe it or not, these are three vital steps to prolonging the life of your washer. Keeping this appliance at least four inches away from the wall can prevent hoses from twisting and consequently splitting. This also prevents that the motor burns out since it has enough room for air circulation.


Closely related to the previous point is the issue of the leveling of the washer. When this appliance isn’t well centered or lacks adequate support, the same can “dance or walk” due to the vibration that occurs during the operation of the spin cycle. This can not only damage your floor or even the washer, but it tends to bring the appliance too close to the wall.


How to avoid this? By turning the legs of the washer clockwise to lower them and counterclockwise to raise them. Check the clearance and level of this appliance is something that can be done once a month.

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Cleaning the parts of the washer is a tip that we always emphasize. This appliance must be impeccable inside and out to work properly.


Washing the washer is, in fact, something that many brands recommend. This simply consists of removing with a soft towel, residues, and detergent build-up, either with a special liquid for this type of appliance or by mixing hot water, vinegar, and baking soda. This last mixture, in addition to cleaning, prevents damp and mildew odors and is perfect for removing dirt from the rubber seal around the appliance door.


3# Use detergent wisely. Using more detergent doesn’t guarantee cleaner clothes. Whether a garment is more or less clean will depend on several factors, including reading the label of the same and more importantly choosing the right washing cycle.


However, our suggestion to use detergent wisely is based on the amount of residue it leaves in the appliance. That’s why we always advise reading the instruction manual of your appliances. Your washer’s user manual, for example, will indicate not only the right type of detergent for your appliance but also the right amount of it.


4#Never overload the machine. Washing the right amount of clothes is just as important as choosing the right cycle and amount of water for the load. An important recommendation to consider is to make small loads to wash heavy or bulky items since they are more difficult to wash for the appliance.


This implies more laundry loads to do, but you can be certain that your washer will thank you because this simple detail will extend the useful life of the appliance.


So, as you can see, these 4 foolproof tips are simple to follow and while they guide you to avoid specific problems with your washer, they are focused on the same purpose, to help the appliance work properly for a longer period.


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