30″ LXE Grill by Alfresco: a grill with all the amenities


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Space isn’t a limitation to have a grill with all the amenities at home when it comes to the 30″ LXE grill by Alfresco. This compact appliance, made of stainless steel is the answer to outdoor kitchen enthusiasts who don’t have a large garden or live in an apartment.


It’s not an overstatement to say that this cooking equipment from Alfresco Luxury Grills will be an extension of the creative mind of the Sunday chef in you. The brand’s 30″ LXE Grill is a fine-tuned machine with patented technology that will not only feed your passion for grilled meats but also develop your potential as a cook, allowing you to create extraordinary and healthy meals for your family or guests.


Certainly, the best thing about this appliance is the size. This 30″ luxury grill has nothing to envy to its larger counterparts. The excellent cooking space and high performance of the Grill is a clear demonstration that good things can come in small packages.



Small and with all the amenities

As we said, the space available will no longer be an excuse to stop having at home a luxury grill like the ones manufactured by Alfresco. The brand put all its engineering knowledge into its 30″ LXE Grill model so you can have an unforgettable experience at every family reunion or celebration with friends at home.


The equipment that has two 18-SR stainless steel Accufire™ main burners offers you the high performance that a good T-Bone needs to be cooked to perfection and maintain the texture and juiciness it should have. As if that wasn’t enough, this grill has an integrated Mega-Drive rotisserie system™ with an infrared burner that will take your outdoor cuisine experience to the next level.


This appliance includes the brand’s wonderful integrated smoking system Signature Taste™ with a burner and drawer for wood chunks so your meats and preparations will have that smoky flavor that you like so much thanks to the woods and spices.


This model that offers you 542 square inches of actual grilling area has a 3-position detachable warming rack that you can move at your convenience. In addition, it has integrated high-intensity halogen work lights that will allow you to perfectly see what you cook at night.


The easy push-button ignition is another great feature of this Alfresco grill that also includes the use of a 110 V power supply. This adds extra points to the equipment because this is a natural gas grill that can also be used with LP.



A professional appliance

La Cuisine International

While you may think that the 30″ LXE Grill can only be complemented with a standard stainless-steel cart, we have news: the brand also offers other accessories that’ll help you have professional grilling equipment at home.


An interesting example of these accessories is the steamer. This can be placed perfectly in this Alfresco grill for scalding, steaming, frying, or roasting. Delight your guests with entrees that range from chicken wings or fried onion rings to mussels, clams and even lobster, steamed in this equipment.


The griddle is another accessory that can add points to this grill and change forever the concept of outdoor cuisine. This 3/16″ solid stainless steel griddle plate with integrated sides and backsplash will give the 30″ LXE Grill an ideal space to make teppanyaki, fajitas, pancakes, or juicy burgers.


And these are just two accessories you can choose to begin discovering that outdoor cuisine is more than juicy grilled meats. In short, the 30 ” LXE Grill from Alfresco is a versatile and customizable grill that has all the amenities of a large grill.


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