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Nowadays, the hygiene inside and outside of the house has become even more important, and the kitchen is certainly one of the spaces where cleaning is essential.

If you want to keep germs at bay in this sacred space for your family’s wellbeing, we invite you to consider the 10 tips we provide below.

  • Disinfect the countertops: cleaning the countertops and all support surfaces with hydrogen peroxide or with a solution of water and vinegar after each use will decrease the number of residual bacteria, reducing the possibility of cross-contamination.
  • Change kitchen towels regularly: the towels we use to hold, and dry utensils absorb all kinds of dirt, despite how clean and beautiful they look. Changing them regularly, washing them with hot water, and not using them for other purposes are simple but wise recommendations.
  • Disinfect the dishwasher: the dishwasher is probably the most polluted place in the whole house. Washing it with hot water and soap after each use should be a common practice. If the bowl is plastic, use a spray with chlorine every other day as that will eliminate stains and keep it looking better longer.

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  • Clean the dishwasher regularly: oddly enough, we tend to ignore the dishwasher and its maintenance. Clean the filter and apply a jet of hydrogen peroxide to the dispenser, then schedule a long cycle wash with the appliance empty, so that it’s thoroughly cleaned and free of residue, odors, and bacteria.
  • Degreasing the microwave: in addition to cleaning this appliance regularly and using a plastic hood or dome to cover food while it’s heated, it’s advisable to place a bowl with lemon wedges and water and heat it for two minutes at full power. In this way, the grease attached to the internal walls of the microwave will come off, so cleaning will be easier and more effective.
  • Baking soda for the refrigerator: to properly clean the refrigerator and eliminate unwanted odors, it’s recommended to clean it weekly with a solution of water and baking soda. Also, your cleaning routine should include getting rid of expired or unhealthy foods and trying to refrigerate your food in sealed bags or covered containers.
  • Shopping bags: placing the shopping bags on the countertops and storing the items directly in the cabinets or the refrigerator, without cleaning them first, is a common mistake. Shopping bags go through all types of surfaces and are loaded with even more bacteria than the items they carry, becoming effective vehicles for unwanted elements. Place them on the floor before emptying them. Clean the items purchased with a solution of water and vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide, and wash all fruits and vegetables thoroughly with hot water before storing them in the refrigerator.
  • Say goodbye to wood chopping boards: wood chopping boards are lovely. They add a rustic touch to the kitchen and remind us of home traditions, but the truth is that bacteria find a wonderful place to multiply in them. Wood stays moist longer and easily retains dirt, so use them to protect the countertops from hot items or to give a decorative look to your table and equip your kitchen with plastic or fiberglass chopping boards: more hygienic and functional. Ah! Here’s an important fact: the board intended for chopping chicken should not be used for any other task, to prevent cross-contamination and the dissemination of salmonella.
  • Farewell to the duster: no other item in the house can contribute to the spread of allergies and diseases as the duster. This item doesn’t actually clean surfaces; on the contrary, it redistributes dust. It isn’t usually used in the kitchen, but there are those who use it to “clean” high surfaces or even lamps. So, for your health’s sake, discard it immediately and replace it with fiber sponges or recyclable paper towels.
  • Keep the trash can with the lid on: although it may seem obvious, it’s worthy of a reminder. A trash can without a lid is the perfect place to attract flies and other types of insects. It spreads the odor of waste and contaminates food so, always try to keep the container closed. Also, it’s a good idea is to line the trash can container with newspaper before placing the waste bag in it. The paper will catch any liquid that spills, keeping the container clean longer.


Cleaning the kitchen is key to maintaining the good health and wellbeing of your family, and these recommendations will certainly make that task easier.


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